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slipped through the cracks

It seems that trauma needs no words. There is no conscious understanding required. It spares no one and nothing in its immeasurable radius.

SLIPPED THROUGH THE CRACKS is Jules Allen’s debut play. It is a play, first of its kind, in its controversial and daring exploration of children in out-of-home care. It unashamedly delves in to the myriad of complexities faced by all those involved in what is, often, a harrowing journey. There is no escaping the fact that trauma gives birth to such situations. Its implications, at times, beyond measure.

The play is a culmination of Jules' real life experience and an expose on the many flaws in our society and system. It courageously sheds light on our shortcomings as a community when it comes to our most vulnerable members; abused children. Whilst many blame the system and funding, few realise that the act of opening their own homes and hearts is the only solution to early intervention and hope for these children. 

The text is challenging, the characters heartbreaking and the love untenable. A must see.

2019 @ Anglesea Hall

Awarded 'Best Production', 'Best Director', 'Best Original Script' and 'Best Supporting Female Actor' at

Anglesea One Act Play Festival

Written by: Jules Allen

Directed by: Iris Walshe-Howling

Cast: Philip Besancon, Stacey Carmichael, Libby Stapleton, Julie Fryman, Janine McKenzie and Morgan Caruana


A compilation of Caryl Churchill's 'Seven Jewish Children' plus 'etudes' on the theme ...

Caryl Churchill’s SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN uses a 'remarkably condensed and direct poetic form' to question the effects of war and peace on our children. 

This controversial text has been described as ‘a heartfelt lamentation showing theatre’s power to heighten consciousness and articulate moral outrages’.


It unapologetically sheds light on ‘Israel’s preoccupation with national security leading into acts of indiscriminate slaughter in Gaza’ and how we as adults justify this to our children. 

It is this stunning text which becomes the catalyst for further exploration on the theme.

Poems by Israeli children in 1947 and 1974 from 'The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive' are set to hauntingly beautiful original live music specifically created for this production. ‘We throw A Stone’ by Ramzy Baroud and other related texts are combined in a thoughtful riff on the motif: the effects of conflict on children and our responsibility to them.

2019 @ Anglesea Hall

Compiled and Directed by: Iris Walshe-Howling

Text performed by: Lina Libroaperto, Nikki Watson, Janine McKenzie, Maggie Evans, Somerset Arnold and Molly Lesosky-Hay

Music devised/performed by: Kirstin Honey, Kerryn Viner

Projections: Kirstin Honey

The Hope Song

Can you imagine a bird pecking in your head all the time? And feeling like there is a woman screaming through your insides all the time? That’s what it’s like on a bad day.


Seven actors take us on a journey that attests to the enduring power of hope.  In this honest and moving play, souls are bared in a potent piece of Verbatim Theatre, which offers fascinating insights into the people whose portraits make up the Hope Song.  These stories help us to understand something powerful not only about the seven, but also about ourselves - that in so many ways they are us.

2017 @ Anglesea Hall

2018 @ La Mama, Melbourne

2018 @ Courthouse, Geelong

Written by Janet Brown
Co –Directors: Iris Walshe-Howling & Janine Mc Kenzie
Cast: Philip Besancon, Stacey Carmichael, Stewart Errey, Simon Finch, Lina Libroaperto, Libby Stapleton, Nikki Watson

Music performed by Tim Hulsman
Image by Rebecca Hosking

Love, Loss & what I wore

It's not about fashion; it is about what clothes really are to us, those moments when we are constantly trying to find our identity.

Awarded 'Best Production'

2018 @ Anglesea Hall - One Act Play Festival

Read more ...

Awarded 'Best Director' and 'Best Production'

2018 @ Kyneton - One Act Play Festival

Written by Nora and Delia Ephron

Director:  Nikki Watson

Ensemble: Lina Libroaperto, Libby Stapleton, Julie Fryman, Melinda Chapman, Stacey Carmichael, Kirstin Honey


Some Girls, by Neil LaBute.

Directed by Iris Walshe- Howling 

Design Iris walshe-Howling


One man’s attempt to heal relationship damage proves to be even more complicated than he first expected. Set in various hotel rooms, the man meets four ex-lovers, hoping to clear the air with each of them before his up-coming wedding. Some Girls is a riveting dark comedy, which captures the awkward and amusing dynamics that are created when we fall in and out of love.


Performed by: Steven Georgiadis, Nikki Watson, Lina Libroaperto, Natalie Parker, Julie Fryman.







Just Far Enough by Melinda Chapman...

Directed by Janine McKenzie

Design Melinda Chapman 


Explores the boundaries that are observed and ignored between three friends. Over the years, three neighbours have negotiated the shifting fence-lines that separate their lifestyles, desires and identities. Just Far Enough deals with the moment when one of the neighbours wants out of the ‘hood. This witty comedy puts under the spotlight friendships that are based on lies, betrayal and a lack of basic respect for personal space!


Performed by: Lina Libroaperto, Janine McKenzie, Melinda Chapman.

The Rain

The Rain - An old woman tells of her past when she would stand in a field and hundreds of people filed past. The Violin - A father ,a mother and a child fearing the day when they will be taken away. Neither Lost Nor Found - A mother has reclaimed her daughter whom she was forced to relinquish. Kaddish - A fascinating and profound study of a lost relationship.


2013 @ Anglesea Hall, Courthouse Geelong


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling & Janine McKenzie

Written by Daniel Keene

Set Design: Iris Walshe-Howling


Cast – Philip Besancon, Janine McKenzie, Iris Walshe-Howling, Rose Musselwhite, Maddie Field. Crew - Melinda Chapman, Kirstin Honey

Golden leaves - the story of eternity in 3 acts

An exploration of chaos to calm, following one souls journey through the perpetual cycle of existence.


2011 @ Melbourne Bella Union, Anglesea Hall, Aireys Inlet Festival of the Word


Directed by Kirstin Honey

Written by Kirstin Honey

Composed by Kirstin Honey

Choreography: Jess Lesosky

Projections: Kirstin Honey

Costumes: Liz Gustus, Kirstin Honey

Cast – Lina Libroaperto, Philip Besancon, Nikki Watson, Steven Georgiadis, Simon Egan, Kim Bingham, Kirstin Honey. Crew - Bruce Stebbins, Barry Browning, Melinda Chapman

The Medea Project

MEDEA, a scorned woman exiled and betrayed, takes her revenge in the only way left open to her. In a world where ambition for power has no bounds, love and life can easily be sacrificed.


2010 @ Potatoe Shed, Anglesea Hall, Aireys Inlet ‘Festival of the Word’

Directed and compiled by Iris Walshe-Howling
Written by Jean Anouilh, Euripides, Sylvia Plath, Franc Rame & Dario Fo

Choreography by Lyndel Quick and Jess Lesosky

Composition by Kirstin Honey

Film imagery by Sue Roberts

Dramaturge: Genevieve Roberts

Costumes Liz Gustus, Iris Walshe-Howling


Cast – Genevieve Roberts, Lina Libroaperto, Philip Besancon, Nikki Watson, Liz Gustus, Steven Georgiadis, Kirstin Honey, Jess Lesosky, Valda Connelly. Crew - Bruce Stebbins, Barry Browning, Sue Roberts, Bronwyn Beard, Barbara Morrissey


Her voice, an inarticulate howl of the disenfranchised, is carried by the night to others, awake & adrift who are struggling to find love, face death & give their life meaning.


2009 @ Anglesea Hall, Qdos @ Lorne, Dantes @ Melbourne, Ceres Hall, Martians @ Deans Marsh, Dog Theatre “Big West Fest” @ Melbourne


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling and Genevieve Roberts

Written by Daniel Keene, compiled from 'All Souls'

Composition by Kirstin Honey


Cast - Iris Walshe-Howling, Kirstin Honey. Crew – Steven Georgiadis, Fleur Rubens


This piece is a Sprechstuck. It has no roles. Voices are attuned to each other, alternate or speak together, quiet or loud with abrupt transitions, thus producing an acoustic order.


2009 @ Anglesea Hall, Torquay Theatre


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling 

Written by Peter Handke

Design: Iris Walshe-Howling

Projection: Kirstin Honey


Cast - Genevieve Roberts, Kirstin Honey, Valda Connolly, Liz gustus, Janine McKenzie, Nikki Watson, Lina Libroaperto

All SOuls

“...Listen.  It’s night.  Of all souls. Here live those not yet in heaven nor sent to hell. All souls they are. And this night’s named for them…”

Phillipa, an ageing homeless visionary, hovers between the living  & the dead


2009 @ Anglesea Hall, The Potatoe Shed


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling & Janine McKenzie

Written by Daniel Keene

Composition by Kirstin Honey

Set design: Iris Walshe-Howling

Projection: Kirstin Honey

Cast and Crew – Genevieve Roberts, Lina Libroaperto, Philip Besancon, Janine McKenzie, Iris Walshe-Howling, Nikki Watson, Steven Georgiadis, Kirstin Honey, Bruce Stebbins, Barry Browning

Picnic at Hanging Rock

On Valentine's Day 1900 a group of school girls accompanied by two teachers went on a picnic to hanging rock. During the afternoon two of the girls and one of the teachers disappeared and were never found again.


2008 @ Anglesea Hall


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling

Written by Matthew Lynden-Jones Math

Set Design: Iris Walshe-Howling 

Choreography: Nikki watson

Costumes: Chris West, Trish Edwards

Set Construction: Barry Browning, Bruce Stebbins,Tim Watson

Set painting: Alex Lorenzi, Vonnie Pilgrim, Marie Fiske


Cast - Lina Libroaperto, Valda Connelly, Janine McKenzie, Nikki Watson, Nerida Munro, Amy Rowe, Maddi Field, Kaylene Bielecki, Christo McCray, Rob Phillips, Ryan Parker, Tegan Barnes, Gen Tobin, Tenneille Linehan-Downs, Bridget O'Hallaran, Rosa Napoli

The House of Bernarda Alba

Five Daughters of a marriageable age are confined together by a tyrannical mother for the traditional eight years of mourning for a dead father. The play written during Franco's regime speaks as powerfully as a political metaphor of oppression, as it does as a domestic drama.


2006 @ Anglesea Hall


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling

Written by Federico Garcia Lorca

Set Design: Iris Walshe-Howling

Spanish Choir: Belinda McCardle

Spanish Guitarist: Gavin Cross

Flamenco Dancer and teacher: Natalia Garcia

Set Construction: Tim Watson

Producer: Barbara Morrissey

Photography Craig McGee


Cast - Lina Libroaperto, Janine McKenzie, Valda Connolly, Nikki Watson, Deb Del Grosso, Fiona Paul, Genevieve Roberts, Nerida Munro, Trish Edwards, Deidre pike

Mourners/Choir - Rachel Lowe, Aurora Williams, Liz Gustus, Louise Jarret, Allison Lowe

Baby With the Bath Water

This is a dark comedy about how difficult it is to be a parent and how scary it is to be a baby and a child. This absurdist play is playful in style and for all its dark topic has a hopeful ending

2005 @ Anglesea Hall, Qdos


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling

Written by Christopher Durang

Set design: Iris Walshe-Howling

Graphics: Genevieve Roberts 

Set Images designed and painted by Jeff Raglus and Eliza Feeley

Set contruction: Tim Watson

Producer Barbara Morrissey


Cast - Lina Libroaperto, Vikki Phillips, Vlada Filipovski, Tom Halls, Tim Gibson, Valda Connolly, Heather Weiss, Genevieve Roberts, Nikki Watson, Kerryn Viner, Lisa

Mrs Thally F

This hilarious, quirky black comedy is based on the real life trial in Australia of Yvonne Gladys Fletcher, a woman convicted of murdering two husbands using rat poison.


2004 @ Anglesea Hall, Qdos


Directed by Iris Walshe-Howling

Written by John Romeril

Set Design: Iris Walshe-Howling

Stage manager: Rosemary Kvits

Set contruction: Tim Watson

Producer: Barbara Morrissey


Cast - Nikki Watson, Lina Libroaperto, Valda Connelly, Heather

Swing Band - Tim Gibson, Kevin Connelly, Kerryn Viner

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